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"And to speak in all seriousness, I see such new philosophers beginning to appear..."

Intelligence de la Nature... couverture A l'Ècole de Père Marie Dominique Philippe Eironeia Association 1901 La Migraine ou: les manigances nocturnes de Freddy Krüger Vedettes (D.Ducret, K.Tokitsu & C.)
Moi-même Eduardo Caianiello

Divine Zarathustra! What a laugh he would have been made - as loud as an entire and gay Olympic assembly - at the appearance of EIRONEIA, School of Philosophy in the midst of such a gloomy and interminable twilight!

He was so RIGHT - this prophet of the AGE of HERCULES - to FORESEE its birth! And he is so WRONG in his belief that he undermined its foundations... which he has done - God bless him - but purify with the vitriol of his ink, and make it shine with the brush of his mustaches!

EIRONEIA - the Academy 2.0... or - and much better - the Lyceum at the Age of Cyclopean Science - poses a question to our current slothful "reality" (even if provoking a ZOMBIE does not bode well...):

TO BE ANIMATED by a «ROBUST FAITH in oneself is it just "a fighting and violent tyrant" (Ibid.) in the (well anti-Nietzschean) sense of a shabby caïd of the spectacle-thought? OR the Sovereignty of the Philosopher is tyrannical only for spirits that have lost all FAITH in Man... as another FORE-SEER PHILOSOPHER shouted so loudly from the rooftops, URBI ET ORBI? :

"Even when it engages theology, philosophy must remain faithful to its own principles and methods. Otherwise there would be no guarantee that it would remain oriented to truth and that it was moving towards truth by way of a process governed by reason. A philosophy which did not proceed in the light of reason according to its own principles and methods would serve little purpose. […] I cannot therefore but encourage philosophers—be they Christian or not—to trust in the power of human reason and not to set themselves goals that are too modest in their philosophizing. The lesson of history in this millennium now drawing to a close shows that this is the path to follow: it is necessary not to abandon the passion for ultimate truth, the eagerness to search for it or the audacity to forge new paths in the search. It is faith which stirs reason to move beyond all isolation and willingly to run risks so that it may attain whatever is beautiful, good and true. Faith thus becomes the convinced and convincing advocate of philosophy". [St. John Paul II, Fides et Ratio, §49, §56].

For 21 years EIRONEIA has been animated by the audacity
to bring the GREAT HELP of Philosophy to the Present Man at the Present Time

Ὣ ς   ἔ φ α θ '...   ἐ ν   δ ὲ   γ έ λ ω ς   ὦ ρ τ '  ἀ θ α ν ἀ θ ο ῖ σ ι   θ ε ο ῖ σ ι ν !
...He spoke... and unextinguish'd laughter shakes the sky. (Odyssey VIII)


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