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Eironeia Association 1901



The objectives of the EIRONEIA association, which was born as a logical extension of the EIRONEIA center, School of Philosophy – are cultural, philosophical, scientific, formative.
EIRONEIA aims to cultivate - by educating, training and disseminating philosophical and scientific contents and methods - a harmonious and all the more effective way of feeling and practicing philosophy, science and business in the context of today's world. And this, according to the heritage and debt that bind us both to the masters of Wisdom (sophia) of antiquity and to the great minds of the modern era who, consciously rooting their "revolution" (in the sixteenth-seventeenth centuries) in this same tradition, have generated what is currently called "science": a system of technical knowledge and knowledge techniques that unfortunately wanted to forget its roots, that it is urgent to find at all levels of human life: from the more abstract contemplative level to the most concretely practical and entrepreneurial level.
The spirit of the association - perfectly expressed by its name - is in the serene attitude of Socrates: this inner peace – so rich in humor and love (philia) – that it is imperative to seek so that our intelligence produces from within it an integral and harmonious development of the human being as a whole. It is only from this inner peace that real peace and real shared prosperity can be born among men. And this peace, imbued with presence, intelligence, irony, and nourished by prosperity and abundance, is the ultimate goal and cornerstone of EIRONEIA and its activities.

To achieve its objectives, the Association proposes to:

1. to organize teachings and seminars, as well as regular sessions of philosophical, scientific and spiritual studies and practices from traditions other than those of the West, which are in accordance with its ethics;
2. invite qualified persons to teach in connection with all these activities;
3. promote cultural activities and animation of the territory (meetings, conferences, demonstrations, debates, research, broadcasts, competitions, etc.);
4. intervene in the economic and labour fabric - individuals, companies, public and private institutions - to offer education, training and dissemination services
5. to cooperate with other associations, groups, institutions, both public and private and of any nationality which pursue similar objectives or which, in any event, are in line with the spirit of the Association.

A ces fins, l’association pourra :

1. utiliser tous supports d’informations et de diffusion : supports écrits, audio, vidéo et internet dont la propriété sera définie avec chaque auteur au cas par cas;
2. vendre nos productions culturelles et éducatives - livres, CD / DVD, cours en ligne, etc. Editions EIRONEIA, ISBN 978-2-9576122 - et nos propres articles de papeterie, vêtements, etc. marques EIRONEIA®et EIRONEIA GINNASTICA CELESTE®;
3. collecter des fonds, des dons, des contributions à la fois des membres et des entités privées et des individus;
4. Soutenir des projets d’aide et d’assistance, de soutien matériel et financier au profit d’individus en difficultés liées à l’apprentissage/éducation, ou de structures collectives (écoles, village, camp de réfugiés, centre de pratiques, monastères…) en France et/ ou à l’étranger;
Organiser des missions à caractère humanitaire dans le domaine de l’Éducation.


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